Avoid brain tumours

Mobile phones are great – I use mine everyday to stay in contact with all my friends, not to mention my agent and even the occasional call from a famous movie director.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not careful about using the mobile. Call me overly cautious, but I’m a little worried about the side-effects mobile phones may have being that close to your head.

That’s why I’ve bought myself a nice little bluetooth headset. It’s a perfect fit around my little tiger ears.

Schnubbs using his bluetooth headset

As well as feeling safer, it also looks pretty cool. What do you think?

Schnubbs modeling his mobile bluetooth headset

Exercising my mind

My job is very physical – lots of rigorous stunt work. So it’s important that I keep my mind in shape, as well as my body.

To that end I try to read a page each day from The Intellectual Devotional – it’s chock full of interesting tidbits.

Schnubbs reads The Intellectual Devotional each day

I thought I’d share this little quote from a few days ago. It’s from the article on Whistler’s Mother – the famous painting by James McNeill:

As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight.

The Schnubbs guide to staying healthy

One of my flat mates is sick this week. This is strange because he’s normally very healthy. But I guess everyone stumbles from time to time. I’m happy to say that I’ve never been sick for more than a day in all my tiger years.

The reason I’m such a healthy little tiger is because I follow the great advice my mumma Schnubbs gave me as a little cub. Here’s my tips for staying healthy:

  1. As soon as you feel a germ hit (eg a cold or flu) immediately stop and rest
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Take some cold & flu tablets (eg Codral or Sudafed)
  4. Get to sleep as early as you can that night
  5. Eat lots of soups, especially those with vegetables
  6. Use Aloe Vera tissues – they are much kinder on your nose
  7. Take it easy – read some light fiction or a magazine (eg I read Stunt Man Monthly)
  8. Have a hot shower when you get up and before you go to bed (the steam helps clear out the sinuses)
  9. Wear new clean clothes each day (don’t be wearing the same germ infested shirt from yesterday)
  10. Don’t feel guilty about having to relax – this is a big one (most high achievers try to work while they are sick and just end up prolonging the symptoms)
  11. Think positive – focus on things that make you happy. Laughing at a comedy sometimes helps (other times it can just give you a bad cough!)

Here’s a few pictures of me and Wesley helping look after my flat mate:

Schnubbs making some healthy vegetable soup

Wesley helps administer the medicines

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Back in Sydney

Just a quick note to say hi to everyone. For the last month or so I’ve been overseas working on the upcoming James Bond film – Quantum of Solace. This time I was called in to help with choreography on one of the huge action scenes – wait until you see the explosive boat sequence at the start – it is some of my best work.

Anyway I’m back in Sydney for a well earned rest over the next month.

Here’s me on the set with Daniel and Olga:

Schnubbs with Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko

Occasionally I get asked along to press conferences if they are talking about production related topics (eg stunt work):

Quantum of Solace press conference

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Please welcome Wesley von Turkleberry

I’m very proud to announce that I have adopted a baby polar bear named Wesley.

As a busy stunt tiger I’ve been very lucky in life. And for a little while now I’ve been hoping to help out someone less fortunate than myself.

On my recent trip to the USA I came across this wonderful little guy who needed a loving home. So, as I announced on Twitter earlier this week, I adopted him. He’s now part of the von Turkleberry family. He’s named Wesley, and he’s very cute.

Here’s a picture of Wesley and me. He’s still a little shy.

Wesley and Schnubbs

Here’s the official certificate of adoption that came through yesterday.

Wesley adoption certificate

And here’s some details about Wesley that Ms Birdy provided. He loves Marshmallows.

Wesley biography

Welcome Wesley.

Meeting Jemma

You may not know this, but the whole reason I started this blog was to share my adventures with Jemma. She’s my very special friend.

Well, I so excited to say that I finally met Jemma this weekend. I’m only here for 3 days, which makes it really hard (since I’m going so soon after arriving).

But I’ve cherished the time I’ve been able to spend with her. Here’s me and Jemma. She is so beautiful and kind-hearted.

Jemma and Schnubbs

I’m really going to miss her. But I’ll keep telling her all about my adventures. And there’s a chance I might see her next year. Here’s hoping.

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Partying with the FoxPro MVPs

Last night I went out to dinner with some of my new FoxPro friends. Make sure you check out all my photos on Flickr.

After dinner we went to an Irish pub. This was my first time in a pub. I was carded by the security guard on the door, but he recognised me from some of films and ushered me in.

Everyone was drinking Guinness, which is apparently a drink the Irish make. Not wanting to be anti-social, and always keen for new adventures I went up to the bar and ordered one for myself.

Schnubbs orders a Guinness

It was pretty tasty.

Schnubbs starts drinking a Guinness

And it went down quite smoothly. However, by half way through I knew I’d had had enough – I’ve only got a small body. So, being the responsible tiger I am I left it there.

Schnubbs feeling a little light headed

When I got back to the hotel I had a big drink of water from my MVP bottle and hit the hay.

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