Studying to be an MCT

Lately I’ve been getting in to more programming related stuff. I love playing with all the new .NET tools – I’m studying to become a Microsoft Certified Tiger (MCT).

One problem though has been my tiger-sight. Because most of my work is outdoors or on big movie sets I’ve never really had to view things close up for long periods of time. Turns out that I needed to get glasses for reading.

Here’s me sporting my new specs whilst I study on my tiger-puter.

Schnubbs studying for his MCP exams

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Party with Palermo & Schnubbs

Not many people know that I’m a Microsoft MVT.

MVT stands for Most Valuable Tiger and is a similar program to their MVP program.

As such, I’ll likely be over at the MVP Summit in April (I haven’t quite decided yet). And on my must-do list is catch up with all my friends as we Party with Palermo.

Leave a comment if you’ll be there and want to catch up – I’d love to have a good Aussie chin wag with you all.