Time flies. It’s hard to believe that 3 months have gone by since I adopted Wesley. He’s such a cute, adorable little guy. He’s growing up fast, and pretty soon he’ll be too old for me to be tucking into bed each night – already he’s telling me to stop fussing over him 🙂

Tucking Wesley in to bed

Sometimes I just like watching him sleep – so beautiful and peaceful.

Watching over Wesley 

Helping out around the house

I really like hanging out with my flat-mates – they’re so cool!

One of the great things they do is have friends over for dinner, and very kindly invite me to join them. We always have a good time, and sometimes they even recognise me from some of my action films.

After we’ve had a nice dinner there’s plenty of cleaning up to do. I always pitch in and help of course. One of my favourite jobs is doing the vacuuming. Here’s a few shots of me in action.

Helping clean up Helping with the vacuuming