Don’t be afraid of tigers

Sometimes people treat me cautiously because they think I might hurt them. Admittedly some of the roles I play can give the impression I’m a tough tiger, but (as I’ve said before) I’m really quite shy – I wouldn’t hurt anyone.

In fact most of us tigers are pretty shy – deep down we just want to be friends with you. And this extends to my fellow lions, panthers, leopards and other feline friends.

If you ever needed proof then check out one of my favourite videos about Christian the Lion. It’s old (from 1969, long before I was even born) but is just as true today as then:

Studying to be an MCT

Lately I’ve been getting in to more programming related stuff. I love playing with all the new .NET tools – I’m studying to become a Microsoft Certified Tiger (MCT).

One problem though has been my tiger-sight. Because most of my work is outdoors or on big movie sets I’ve never really had to view things close up for long periods of time. Turns out that I needed to get glasses for reading.

Here’s me sporting my new specs whilst I study on my tiger-puter.

Schnubbs studying for his MCP exams

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Avoid brain tumours

Mobile phones are great – I use mine everyday to stay in contact with all my friends, not to mention my agent and even the occasional call from a famous movie director.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not careful about using the mobile. Call me overly cautious, but I’m a little worried about the side-effects mobile phones may have being that close to your head.

That’s why I’ve bought myself a nice little bluetooth headset. It’s a perfect fit around my little tiger ears.

Schnubbs using his bluetooth headset

As well as feeling safer, it also looks pretty cool. What do you think?

Schnubbs modeling his mobile bluetooth headset

Exercising my mind

My job is very physical – lots of rigorous stunt work. So it’s important that I keep my mind in shape, as well as my body.

To that end I try to read a page each day from The Intellectual Devotional – it’s chock full of interesting tidbits.

Schnubbs reads The Intellectual Devotional each day

I thought I’d share this little quote from a few days ago. It’s from the article on Whistler’s Mother – the famous painting by James McNeill:

As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight.

The Schnubbs guide to staying healthy

One of my flat mates is sick this week. This is strange because he’s normally very healthy. But I guess everyone stumbles from time to time. I’m happy to say that I’ve never been sick for more than a day in all my tiger years.

The reason I’m such a healthy little tiger is because I follow the great advice my mumma Schnubbs gave me as a little cub. Here’s my tips for staying healthy:

  1. As soon as you feel a germ hit (eg a cold or flu) immediately stop and rest
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Take some cold & flu tablets (eg Codral or Sudafed)
  4. Get to sleep as early as you can that night
  5. Eat lots of soups, especially those with vegetables
  6. Use Aloe Vera tissues – they are much kinder on your nose
  7. Take it easy – read some light fiction or a magazine (eg I read Stunt Man Monthly)
  8. Have a hot shower when you get up and before you go to bed (the steam helps clear out the sinuses)
  9. Wear new clean clothes each day (don’t be wearing the same germ infested shirt from yesterday)
  10. Don’t feel guilty about having to relax – this is a big one (most high achievers try to work while they are sick and just end up prolonging the symptoms)
  11. Think positive – focus on things that make you happy. Laughing at a comedy sometimes helps (other times it can just give you a bad cough!)

Here’s a few pictures of me and Wesley helping look after my flat mate:

Schnubbs making some healthy vegetable soup

Wesley helps administer the medicines

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