Party with Palermo & Schnubbs

Not many people know that I’m a Microsoft MVT.

MVT stands for Most Valuable Tiger and is a similar program to their MVP program.

As such, I’ll likely be over at the MVP Summit in April (I haven’t quite decided yet). And on my must-do list is catch up with all my friends as we Party with Palermo.

Leave a comment if you’ll be there and want to catch up – I’d love to have a good Aussie chin wag with you all.

Happy Easter from Schnubbs

Happy Easter to everyone. As we all know, Easter is less about any particular historical event, and more about chocolate.

But, being the clever tiger I am, I don’t get caught up in that chocolate egg hogwash. No, I just get myself a stack of yummy chocolate bars. Here’s me with part of my haul this year.


Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Hugs and kisses from Schnubbs.

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The Schnubbs Guide to backups

If you have lots of important files on your tigerputer it is imperative that you keep proper backups.

I take a number of backups. Some I keep in storage, and others in my office.

But for maximum safety, I also personally take my backups with me everywhere. I keep my most important files on a memory stick that hangs around my neck.

Hope this tip can help you too.

Schnubbs Backup Tip

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