Merry Christmas from Schnubbs

Merry Christmas everyone. Even if you don’t believe in the reason behind Christmas, I hope you have a great break, relax a little and appreciate life a little more.

It’s been great having you read my blog this year. I’m taking a little break and will be back in mid January with some more adventures. See you then.

Stay safe and healthy.


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Some of my friends

Here’s me hangin’ with some of my cool little friends.


Someone thought they were being funny and said it was me ‘surrounded by chics’. Me, I just love having friends around. We chat, catch up on life, discuss politics and philosophy and go on adventures together. What a great life.

I’m always looking to meet new people and make more friends.

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Mixin’ it up

I love to spin the toons man. In fact some people have taken to calling me MC Schnubbs. I usually mix up a bunch of ’80s Australian rock classics with some of the newer techno beats.

I really know how to get a party happening. Stand back – Tiger at Work.


Can you work out which track I’m currently spinning?

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Break it down!

I’ve been getting into break dancing lately. It is good exercise, and is a good use of all my stunt tiger skills.

I like to put on little shows for my flat-mates. Here’s a few shots of some recent moves.


I like to end each performance with a big finale – in this one I managed to spin on my head three times before coming to a halt, but remaining vertical. Yo!


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